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Getting Ready for the Book Sale

It's time to get ready for the Fall Book Sale!  Start rounding up all those books in your garages and basements and bring them in to the Library.  Then, buy a couple boxes to replace them come the book sale.  After all, a home just isn't a home without books.

The Fall Book Sale is tentatively scheduled for: 
Thursday, Sept 18
Friday, Sept 19
Saturday, Sept 20

All proceeds go to the Library Fund. If you can help, please call the Library or sign up at the Friends meeting.  We will need lots of volunteers.  And remember, book donations are always needed and appreciated!


Summer is wrapping up as are the Library's Summer Reading programs.  The Library staff is certainly looking forward to school starting!
The "Fizz, Boom, READ!" children's program enrolled 653 children ages birth through twelve.  At last count, these children read and amazing 16,059 books!  That is an average of over 24 books per child!
Red Out enrolled 92 teen participants.  This group read 1,470 books, which is an average of 16 books per reader!
The Friends are very proud of these groups and all of their accomplishments this summer.  We hope to see you all at next year's programs.  Have a great year at school and keep reading!