White County Public Library

Cathy Farley Director 


     For those of you that are interested in history and researching your dead relatives, the Library has added some fantastic books to its Genealogy Department.

     Tennessee Settlers and Their Descendants-Volumes One, Two, and Three lists in alphabetical order the names of early Middle Tennessee settlers, the county which they settled, when the settled, and names of spouses and children.  One page 198 of Volume One we find Robert H. Jordan -in Wayne County, Tennessee by 1856.  It goes on to list Robert's approximate birth date, his death date, his wife, and children.  On page 96 of Volume 3 we find Issac B. Rogers in White County by 1820.  It lists Issac's wife and children and even his grandchildren.
     Annotated Roster 8th Tennessee Calvary Regiment CSA lists in alphabetical order the names of those who served under General Dibrell of Sparta.  This book is a wealth of information: each person's name; the eqipment he brought with him and its value; if killed in action or, if he survived the war, the date he applied for pension; and much more.  We find Goolesby, Jasper PVT enlisted 8/25/62 in Overton County with a horse valued at $140.  Goolesby was killed in a skirmish at Neely's Bend.  More, James deserted 10/25/64; took oath on 2/27/65 at Nashville.  There are no Jordan's in this book, although we also served under General Forrest.

     The Library of Congress Civil War Desk Reference with a forward by James M. McPherson - just WOW!  Come by the Library today and look through these wonderful new reference materials!   
                                    -Will Jordan