White County Public Library

Cathy Farley Director 


     "Keep your eyes open to your mercies.  The man who forgets to be thankful has fallen asleep in life." - Robert Lewis Stevenson
     In the fall of 1621, the settlers of Plymouth Colony held a three-day feast to celebrate a bountiful harvest.  Many regard this event as the nation's first Thanksgiving.  The Wampanoag Indians in attendance played a key role.
     The legacy of thanks and the feast have survived the centuries, as the event became a national holiday in 1863 when President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed the last Thursday of November as a national day of thanksgiving.  Later, President Franklin Roosevelt clarified that Thanksgiving Day should always be celebrated on the fourth Thursday of the month.  The following facts are from the U.S. Census Bureau's surveys:
     There are 118.9 million occupied households across our nation, and 4.6 million of those households are mulitgenerational.  Fifteen towns are named Turkey or have Turkey in their name and four are named Cranberry.  Thirty-four countries and/or townships are name Plymouth and one is named Pilgrim.  In 2015, there were 66,284 grocery stores and 244 million turkeys raised across the nation.
     May your Thanksgiving Day be surrounded by love.

- Cathy Farley, Director