White County Public Library

Cathy Farley Director 


     November is upon us and that directs my thoughts toward Thanksgiving.  I have been thinking quite often this year of a friend of mine who has recently decided she deserves a chance to slow down.  Unfortunately for me, slowing down for her means resigning from several jobs she performed at the Library. 
       My friend's name is Rena Johnson.  I grew up knowing Mrs. Rena and became reacquainted with her when I accepted this job.  She told me of ideas for a new facility and worked with me to make sure those plans came to fruition.  We have shared many meals, tons of laughter and some tears along the way.  When you work so closely with someone, you really get to know their heart.  See, most of the time you know someone's mind - their thoughts, feelings, and actions are all reflections of the mind.  But compassion, empathy, and caring are all part of the heart.  I have to say Mrs. Rena has a beautiful heart and her presence here is already missed.  But mostly, thank you Rena for being a friend of my heart.
      I hope Thanksgiving finds you feeling thankful in all circumstances.      

                               -Cathy Farley, Director