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Cathy Farley Director 


   STAFF SAYS:  "The Life of a Book" by 
Connie Leftwich 

My life as a book starts when the author releases me for the first time to the public.  From there, the Library purchase a copy and places me on the shelf where I wait for some nice person to come check me out.  When they do, the librarian will stamp a date on my back saying how long you can keep me.  Now the circle of life really begins!

You start to read me.  I take you to new places and introduce you to people you never knew.  You learn all kinds of new things.  What a great life it is to be a book!

Then the day comes for me to go back to the Library, but you don't take me back or even call to renew me.  What a say day in the life of a book.  But one day you come home and look down - there I am on the floor.  You pick me up and off we go to the Library.  Back on the shelf I go!  Happy days are here again!  Now someone else can pick me up and carry me home.

Always remember to bring books back on time or to renew them if you are running a little late.  All us books are here at the Library for everyone to enjoy.  If you have any questions Connie Leftwich can help you.

Your Overdue Book
c/o Connie Leftwich
White County Public Library