White County Public Library

Cathy Farley Director 

    What is your source of information and entertainment?  What do you do to relax or unwind?  Do you turn to television where you can choose from thousands of shows to watch or record on hundreds of stations?  Movies?  There are over 6, 000 theaters and drive-in's with 40,000 screens.  Don't forget DirecTV, Di
sh, Netflix, Hulu, Redbox, IMDB, etc.  Maybe you are in the mood for music.  There are over 25, 000 radio stations plus iHeart Radio, Sirius XM, Pandora and more playing over a thousand genres of music.
    Of course, there is a small cost or advertisements involved in all of these.  But nothing is free anymore, right?  WRONG!  You can get a library card for no cost in White County while visiting our beautiful, full service faclity which is open 57 hours a week.  There you can choose from over 39,000 items in our inventory.  You will find audio books, movies, reference material, a fantastic Tennessee history collection with books and microfilm, monthly magazines, computers, and a full staff of librarians ready to help you find what you need.  If you're still not satisfied with that deal, we offer monthly programs for all ages with our largest, the Summer Reading Program, happening now with prizes you are sure to love.
     So, come see us today.  If we don't have something you want, we'll even borrow it from another library.

Max Minor
Technology Librarian