White County Public Library

Cathy Farley Director 


   Staff Says -  

     What do you think of when you imagine a public library?  It's a question I often ask people once they learn I, a 28-year-old male, am a librarian.  For many, the response is that public libraries bring to mind a building full of dusty old books that no one reads anymore.  "It's a quiet place guarded by bespectacled ladies with their gray hair in a bun," they might say if they are feeling particularly honest.
     Neither of those descriptions fit public libraries as I know them today.  Of course, i understand where your general person gets ideas like that.  Public libraries once were silent, reverential spaces used strictly for reading.  Many of the most loved films of all time show precisely that type of library.  But those ideas and movies are all from decades long past.
     Today libraries have abandoned the old card catalogs for digital systems you can access anywhere in the world.  Story times are anything but quiet as Ms. Dana leads 20 or more toddlers through a whirlwind of reading, games, and craft making.  There have been personal finance classes, video game nights, and countless groups using our facilities for everything ranging from historical societies to beekeeping.
     I love books.  And my wife would be the first to tell you that I love few things more than a quiet place to read.  We offer that here, and we always will, but today we offer so much more.  I like to think of this library as a living room for the community.  The happiest living rooms I know have books, children playing, and a place for everyone to unwind.  I hope you find all that here.

                           Michael Hale