White County Public Library

 Cathy Farley Director



      By the time you read this, our summer reading programs will be completed for this year.  I can't even type that phrase without a huge, goofy smile crossing my face.  Please forgive me, but along with my goofy grin, there is a small tear in the corner of my eye.  This is the 17th year I helped plan summer reading, and I've become a bit nostalgic about the end of summer.  I think that is why I insist we start planning the next year's program right away!  But the smile is there because once again, we did it.  That sentence leads to two questions, who is we and what exactly did we do?

       We is the Library staff, Friends of the Library, Library Board, Library Foundation, First United Methodist Church Sparta, teen volunteers, teachers at White County's Summer School program, staff at WCMS, teachers and staff at Doyle Elementary, everyone who contributed to Middle TN Natural Gas' Project Hometown Help, local merchants who donated prizes, and the parents/grandparents/neighbors/friends who brought children and teens to Library programs.  This is a very large group of people and every ounce of success the reading programs have is owed to them collectively.  Many dedicated hours go into planning these events for you.  This dedication really shows in the finished product.  We could not have the program without their support and I am very appreciative of all their efforts.

       What did we do?  We only had the biggest programs ever IN ALL THREE AGE GROUPS!  We shattered records across the board for attendance, enrollment, and books read.  Many of these readers set personal goals and saw them through.  Others came in because a friend invited them.  Still others were here just to have some fun.  I am so proud of every one of our participants and you make it totally worthwhile for me.  Thank you for being involved!

       By the way, the 2015 Summer Reading theme is Heroes.  Got any ideas?!

                                                               -Cathy Farley, Director