White County Public Library

Cathy Farley Director 


   Staff Says -  

     With the beginning of May comes planning for all of our summer programs.  The first event that you should take note of is our Staff Training Days, which will take place on May 18 and 19.  We close these days to meet with the entire staff, discuss what can be improved upon in the coming year, and prepare for all of the other Summer Reading Programs.
      Dana is already busy getting ready for the Children's Summer Reading Program.  This is by far our largest program.  Last year, we had 659 children enrolled, and read a total of 12,041 books!  We're hoping to have even more this year.  The Children's Summer Reading program will kick off June 2.  
        Patty is preparing for the Adult Summer Reading Program.  There will be weekly drawings, as well as a grand prize drawing on the final week.  The program will begin May 31 and end on July 29.  You can sign up for the program after the middle of May.
       Finally, Victoria has been very creative in her planning of the Teen Summer Reading Program.  It will kick off on June 21 and finish on July 26.  There will also be weekly prizes, as well as a grand prize.
      There is more information in the rest of the newsletter, but feel free to call us at 836-3613. 

Cathy Farley