White County Public Library

 Cathy Farley Director



      October is a busy time for the Library.  Computer classes are scheduled, along with story times, maker camps, literacy nights, staff training events, meal events, book groups, and holiday parties.  Just thinking about all the dates and times is enough to make one dizzy!
      October is a special time for me because October 21 marks my anniversary with the Library.  On that day, I will begin by eighteenth year as your library director.  The past seventeen years seem like a blur in some ways, but in other ways, I remember things in vivid detail.
       One of my earliest memories is from my interview, when I was asked by Dr. Mitchell if I thought I could build a new a new library.  I told him I never had built a library, but I sure would try my best if given the chance.
      Time has a way of changing things, but the one thing that hasn't changed is how much I love this job and the people we serve.  I have enjoyed the last seventeen years and am looking forward to the next seventeen and the next seventeen!

                               -Cathy Farley, Library Director