White County Public Library

Cathy Farley Director 

     I had a job interview last week.  It was for the color commentator at Kentucky basketball games.  After looking at my resume, the interviewer didn't seem very impressed.  "Ain't got much sperence have ya boy," he smirked.
     "Well, sir, I hear that there's a test.  I'd like to take the test.  You know, just to see if I quality."
     "Ha!" he blasted, "nobody really passed that test since the late, great Cawood." But then he shrugged his shoulders and stated flatly, "but since you're here anyway, I'll let you take the test.  Question number one.  A player makes a short pass to his teammate within three feet of the basket - what's that called?"
      "A Dish, sir."
      "Yeah, well, you got lucky with that one.  Question number two.  At any point in the game you outscore your opponent by a minimum of nine points - what's that called?"
       "A Run, sir"
       "Wow! Maybe, you're smarter than you look.  Question number three.  When a team wins two NCAA titles in a row that's called a REPEAT.  Three in a row is a THREE-PEAT.  What's four in a row?"
        "Why, sir, that's a QUAD-ROW."
         I could see little beads of sweat breaking out on the interviewer's forehead.  His hands began to tremble.  He was obviously shaken by my great mental acuity, "OK last question.  What does it take to win?"  I was stunned.  So many answers to choose from.  Does he want "give 110%, or would "you've got to come dressed to play" be better.  Suddenly, the light dawned - an epiphany, I blurted , "you have to score more points than the other team."
         Now, I am sure sometime in the near future when the camera flashes over on the commentator's table at Rupp Arena you'll see my bright shinning face smiling back at you.

-Will Jordan, Genealogy Librarian