White County Public Library

 Cathy Farley Director 

    "How are you?" is a question we often ask or are asked.  Much of the time, it is asked in passing and the assumed answer is "I'mfinehowareyou?"  Yet we encounter people every day who are not fine.  You can see it on their faces, hear it in their voices and I feel it in my heart.  Today, one even had the courage and honesty to come out and say to me, "I'm not doing well.  I need you to come up with some projects for me that I can do.  I need to feel useful with these days getting shorter."
     We are surrounded by people that need us.  Their needs are a varied as they are.  Some, like my friend, long to be useful.  Some need someone to listen to a problem and help see a possible solution.  Some need a ride to the grocery store.  Some need a place to go where they feel welcomed and accepted.  Some need food and clothing.  Many just need a friend.
      With the holidays fast approaching, I would like to humbly ask you to look around your life and find someone who needs you.  The small sacrifices you might have to make could mean a world of difference to someone in need.


                               -Cathy Farley