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athy Farley Director 


   Staff Says -  

     The saying goes, "Know your customer."  So when I became the Teen Services Librarian in February of this year, I decided to do just that.  I began my journey into Young Adult (YA) literature with The Fault in Our Stars.  Not to be a spoiler, I'll just tell you this book is about love and loss. No matter your age, this still brings us sorrow.  I continue to explore this genre, and I must say there are some really good reads!
     Although Young Adult books are generally written for ages 12-18, some contain very intense situations.  Rarely is the main character an adult, yet they sound like adults.  Full of wit and intelligence, characters deal with the curve balls of life:  divorce, depression, cancer, death, racism, love, and loss.  to name just a few.
       Often fiction in this section is told in a first person point of view, and it is often present tense.  This makes the read faster and more forthright.  There is a quicker pace and more dialogue.  The stories become sharper and more cinematic in a way.  This may be why so many of these books have been made into movies.  The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, The Lovely Bones, and I Know What You Did Last Summer are just a sampling of YA books made into movies.  

Victoria Boykin - Teen Services Librarian