White County Public Library

 Cathy Farley Director



     It is back to school month and we are so happy here at the library!  The fair is in town and our community is teeming with excitement.  These two events serve as a great unifier for our county.  Let me explain.
    Summer takes us all over the place.  Vacations, camps, family reunions and the like beckon us to travel near and far.  Friends and family get scattered around while meeting their obligations and perusing opportunities.
    But school starts and we all come back.  We come back to the routine, to the continuity of our daily lives.  On the heels of school's starting date is the county fair.  The fair attracts citizens of all ages to come together and enjoy a shared experience.  Walking around the midway is very annoying for my daughter because I see so many people I haven't seen in a while, and I just have to stop and talk for a minute or two.  Maybe three minutes, but never more than four!  Meanwhile her ears are pricked by the sounds and her nose is devouring the food smells that only a county fair can provide.  Makes me smile just thinking about it!
     So get out there and enjoy September and summer's last stand.  Fall is just around the corner and the days are getting shorter already.
     Hope to see you on the midway,

                                         -Cathy Farley, Director